Expensive Voices

I am sitting here reading Melissa Harris-Perry's Email to Her #nerdland Staff and I applaud Dr. Harris-Perry for taking this stand. As I read through the letter, I thought about something I tweeted a few days ago... https://twitter.com/DrErikaBullock/status/701535716027842562 Someone read this tweet and asked why I was commodifying my voice. After some conversation, I realized that … Continue reading Expensive Voices

Not Always in My Favor But Always for My Good

Yesterday was one of "those days." You know how it goes: a pretty good start to the day ruined by a particularly piercing rejection letter, followed by a barrage of emails from people demanding things of you that border on unreasonable and those who are making reasonable requests at the perfectly wrong time, capped off … Continue reading Not Always in My Favor But Always for My Good