There’s something about grief

Over the last 18 months or so, we have lived under what seems to be a collective blanket of grief. At minimum, we may grieve for the ability to move about the world freely as our pre-pandemic selves once did. For most of us, we grieve so much more: the loss of loved ones, of … Continue reading There’s something about grief


Psalm 15 Remixed

One useful approach to studying the Bible is to rewrite passages in ways that are meaningful to me. I find it really helpful. (I'm sure that my position as an educator warrants some more meaningful connection to learning theory here, works for me.) In my study this morning, I decided to "remix" Psalm 15. … Continue reading Psalm 15 Remixed

A Love Letter

Today marks 15 years since my grandfather's death (I called him P-Pa). I've been thinking about him today and decided to share my love letter to him. Dear P-Pa, On March 4, 2001 I sat at your bedside and held your soft, warm hand as you transitioned from life into eternity. It was such a privilege to … Continue reading A Love Letter