To those who wish I’d post more cat pictures

I got your Facebook message in my inbox when I woke up this morning. You must know how I lose attention with long messages because it was just one line: "We really wish you would post more pictures of Jack." I don't know who "we" represents, but I do know why you sent the messages … Continue reading To those who wish I’d post more cat pictures

Psalm 15 Remixed

One useful approach to studying the Bible is to rewrite passages in ways that are meaningful to me. I find it really helpful. (I'm sure that my position as an educator warrants some more meaningful connection to learning theory here, works for me.) In my study this morning, I decided to "remix" Psalm 15. … Continue reading Psalm 15 Remixed

A Love Letter

Today marks 15 years since my grandfather's death (I called him P-Pa). I've been thinking about him today and decided to share my love letter to him. Dear P-Pa, On March 4, 2001 I sat at your bedside and held your soft, warm hand as you transitioned from life into eternity. It was such a privilege to … Continue reading A Love Letter