Invited Lectures

Beyond “ISM” Groups and Figure Hiding: Intersectional Analysis and Critical Mathematics Education; Keynote at the 9th International Conference on Mathematics Education and Society, Volos, Greece; April 2017

Why Equity?; Wisconsin Center for Education Research Lunch-and-Learn Series; January 30, 2017

Stakes is High: #BlackLivesMatter and Equity Discourses in (Mathematics) Education; University of Michigan School of Education Race & Social Justice in Education Symposium; December 1, 2016

Do All Lives Matter in Mathematics Education?; Michigan State University Program in Mathematics Education (PRIME) Colloquium; November 18, 2015

Workshops and Professional Development

For Researchers:

Theory Matters and Matters of Theory: Building Critical Conceptual Frameworks; University of Michigan School of Education; December 2, 2016