Psalm 15 Remixed

One useful approach to studying the Bible is to rewrite passages in ways that are meaningful to me. I find it really helpful. (I’m sure that my position as an educator warrants some more meaningful connection to learning theory here, but…it works for me.)

In my study this morning, I decided to “remix” Psalm 15. I’ve studied this chapter before, but coming back to it today brought new wisdom and challenged me in new ways. I thought I would share it with you.

Disclaimer 1: I am by no means a biblical scholar or expert, so I apologize if I got something “wrong.” This is what came from my heart.

Disclaimer 2: I’m such in progress, so if you know me well and think “Oooooohhh ERIKA, you do that!” or “You’re way off there!” I know. I’m working on it. I’d love it if you would pray with me about it.

So here goes…

The Psalm 15 Remix

I ask God:

Lord, who do You allow into Your presence? Who do you allow to live close to You?

God’s response:

You have to have clean hands and a pure heart. Walk with integrity. Don’t be shady and get rid of any ulterior motives. You also have to do what’s right. That means you have to seek peace and justice…always. Be sincere…always speak what’s true in your heart.

But there’s more…

RefuseĀ to gossip. Don’t speak against anyone!

Don’t harm your neighbors in any way.

And just in case you need a reminder, don’t speak evil of others!

Don’t esteem those who overtly reject Me but give respect and honor to those who are faithful to Me.

And you know those promises that you make to others? Keep them…even if it hurts you. Don’t change your mind. Consider your promises to them to be promises to Me.

When one of your folks is in need, lend to them but don’t charge them interest. Take care of them.

Don’t distort justice by taking a bribe against an innocent person. It will blind you and pervert your words.

Live this way and you’ll never stumble.